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Cadmio for the iPad

Use the widely supported STEP, STL or OBJ file formats to import your 3D designs from any CAD application and start visualizing your ideas!




Material Catalog.

Cadmio Material Catalog

We offer over 100 curated material presets for all kinds of products. New ones are added regularly based on user requirements.

Customize parameters and texture scale/orientation to your liking.

The intuitive gesture-driven workflow makes setting up the materials easy and fun.

iPad Pro frame Cadmio
iPad Pro frame Cadmio

Environment Catalog.

Cadmio Environment Catalog

Present your product in context - choose from our constantly growing library of environment presets or use the Custom HDRI environment to light your object with your own HDR image.

Discover our hand-crafted 3D environments with depth of field effects for enhanced immersion.

Add multiple environments to your presentation and cycle between them with a single button on the Presentation screen.

Augmented Reality view.


Take presentation of your product to the next level with AR! Project your 3D data onto the image of your device's camera with the same PBR materials to see how they look in your real surroundings.

iPad Pro frame Cadmio

Sample presentation collection

You may find some .cadmio presentation files here as additional reference. Click on the images to download.

Cadmio Viewer for the iPhone


Use our free Cadmio Viewer app on the iPhone to view or show your visualizations anywhere, or send them to your client for reviews. They can view your design interactively in 3D without a workstation or even a CAD modelling software.

Same visual fidelity and same presentation functions as on the iPad - environment toggle, camera settings, screenshot function, stored views and AR are all available on the iPhone as well.

iPhone frame Cadmio
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