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Educational discount

We know well that money is tight when you’re in school. We want to support students (and educators) who work on innovative product designs, and provide them with a hassle free tool to place their CAD models to the spotlight with 3D product visualization.

Cadmio makes it easy to import your projects from any computer aided design application and take your product presentation to the next level!


Unlock all features of Cadmio now with a special educational discount!


active for 1 year, billed monthly

You may cancel anytime at least one day before the next billing period.
After 1 year the subscription converts to the standard monthly plan (if you have auto-renewal turned on) but You can re-apply for the discount if You are still eligible.

Educational discount application form

To apply for the special educational discount, please complete the form below and send in the required documentation for verification.

Proof of enrollment can be an image of any valid document that shows You are part of the given educational institute. Your documents will not be archived or otherwise kept, they are for verification only. Feel free to redact any critical information (SSN or similar).

Upload file

The image file You provide will be used by Us only for evaluation of Your eligibility for the Educational discount and will be deleted from our servers afterwards. We will not disclose any personal information to anyone else. For further information please see our Privacy policy.

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