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Product visualization

An iPad Pro app to share and present product designs in interactive 3D.

Bring your design in.

Import the CAD model of your product in STEP file format to start creating your photorealistic presentation.

Render modes

Different shading modes for diagnostics and verification.

Geometry display

Our pro-grade meshing algorithm ensures your geometry is rendered on the Retina screen of your iPad Pro in great detail.

Visualize faster than ever.


Material catalog

Visualization of your CAD products has never been easier - with our constantly growing catalog of high-quality materials preparing a presentation is only a matter of minutes. Our categorized material selection is shipped pre-configured, so you can focus on enjoying your designs. Each material is carefully manufactured based on real-world physical properties with subtle surface details for improved realism.


Our various hand-crafted 3D environments open up a whole new way for presenting the features of your product. Drag and drop your preferred mood, and cycle through all you’ve added to your presentation with the tap of a button.



Show your design with reduced UI for a clean visual experience.

Share your work.

Impress your clients on the go and get better feedback - with Cadmio, you are not limited to still images and pre-rendered animations. Thanks to our compact proprietary file format you can easily send it to others, allowing them to experience your product exactly like you do, in interactive 3D.


We are currently in Private Beta stage.
Please sign up if you are interested in trying the app.

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